BMW Genius
Web App

BMW launched a program called BMW Genius. A BMW Genius is a BMW expert that advises the customer on everything "BMW" before every having to deal with the pressure of a salesmen. The goal was to create an app  that educates the users that have purchased a BMW. Essentially, we created "A genius in your pocket."

My roles:  Visual design exploration, high fidelity design, moderate MVP user testing, iterated after user tests, worked with engineers from beginning to release. 

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01 Discovery & Exploration

As soon as our company won BMW's business, we took a bit of time getting to know the brand, the clients, & this newly formed BMW Genius program.

BMW Genius interviews

We visited a handful of BMW dealerships, interviewing BMW Genius employees to better understand the program & to get an idea of what they thought would the BMW Genius App a success.

Client workshop

Once we understood the program better, we invited the major stakeholders in for a workshop. Each person came up with their own ideas for features that they thought were most important for the app.  


The BMW Genius app branding was meant to be an extension of the overarching BMW brand. My reference & inspiration came heavily from the BMW automotive brochures. 

Discovery - inspirationDiscovery - inspiration

02 Final designs

After the first round of designing & building, we put the first iteration in front of users. The feedback we received was incredibly useful in redesigning certain aspects of the UI/UX.

Car features

Model browsing

User screen


03 Visual Language

The first round of styles became the building blocks that would evolve throughout the project.