FuboTV, "Context Menu." Giving the user the power to decide.

Most bits of clickable content comes with it, a number of options for the user. The challenge is offering up these options while avoiding a cumbersome experience. 

Previous menu issues

1. Visually disruptive & cumbersome

2. Not scalable for future features.

3. Too many clicks to video.

Original functionality

We would require the user to click into content before giving them the ability to play video or choose a secondary action. ie. Record video.

End goal

The plan was to make playing video the primary action on click, and teach the user that secondary actions can be presented with a different gesture, similar to long press on mobile or right click on web..

Thinking ahead

Quickly, this became an elegant replacement for our current menus, but we saw potential in extending this to become a learned feature on par with “right-click.” Eventually, anything the user could focus on, could have more options or more info to explore.

Simple but effective

In the end, the visual update feels like less of a commitment and the new user experience gives the user the ability to become more empowered to accomplish what they want, quicker and more deliberately.