FuboTV, Home
& "Live Preview"

FuboTV was making a big move. They were no longer a sports-only streaming service. Since they were now a cable replacement service and it was time their apps reflected that. The "Live Preview" feature we came up with resulted in an increase of paid subscribers & total hours of video watched. We now have a patent on this feature.

My roles:  Led design, sole designer, ideated with product lead and engineer lead, user study collaboration, competitive research, wireframes, user flows, design, prototype animation, worked closely with each engineering team (Roku, tvOS, firetv), saw through to release. 


01 Discovery

Starting with the problem & goals, I then put together a flow of our current path to live video, explored the paths to live video on various competitors' apps, & ideated with the product and engineering leads. 

Problem Statement

  1. The previous UI/UX did not reflect a cable replacement product.
  2. Required a user to make at least 12 clicks to reach a live tv channel, & the experience felt static.

Business Goals

  1. Improve the number of free trials to paid conversions.
  2. Increase the live tv video consumption without compromising the VOD consumption.
  3. Decrease the number of clicks to live video.

Old flow to live video

More clicks / Sports first

Competitive Landscape

Although we were already familiar with our competitor’s home screens, we learned that previewing live content without clicking was unique.

Key takeaway:  While in browsing mode, we found that it usually requires a lot of clicks and commitment to settle on live content to watch. 


02 Execution

The three of us leads got into a room to brainstorm. The concept we felt good about was similiar to what had been done on Netflix. We wanted to give users instant, full screen previews of what was on their favorite channels, before having to commit to that channel. I animated a quick prototype. The animation felt right and so the engineering lead built a fast prototype to test performance of live video loading on tile-focus. 

New flow & initial design

After quick protyping, it was clear that we were on to something that woud not only help us keep up with our big brand competitors, but also introduce a truly unique way of exploring cable. The ability to preview the content on your favorite channels without commiting, proved to be incredibly useful and a fun way to “see what’s on.”

Phased release plan

We used current visual components to get a home screen released quickly before following up with our new concept.

Final designs, release, & performance

We put our designs in front of a small cohort of our users. Some minor adjustments were made to the tiles to put more focus on the content’s network to find a more appropriate balance. The only pattern we found was that the users think much more in terms of the network than the content itself. 



Control group will see a static image on the Live TV carousel while the enhancements group will see live preview.

03 Future Thinking

With the success of “Live Preview,” we naturally wanted to figure out what was next.